GrandChase North America FAQ - English INSTALL/ RUNNING
I cannot access / run the game.

This issue can be caused by the lack of available Memory(RAM), crashes of applications installed in the device, or missing files that occurred during the update.

Please read below and follow the steps to resolve the issue.

■ If your game is not running properly: 

 1. Clear your cache and cookies. Delete all the unnecessary applications as well.

 2. Ensure both the Game App and device OS software are up to date.

  - Please try to check the app version in the App Store.

 3. Check your WIFI and/or Mobile network connection and make sure it is stable.

 4. If the issue is related to lag/freezing, please adjust the graphics quality by turning lowering the graphic options or turning off completely. You can find these settings at:

  ▶ Main screen> Touch the Top right [Gear] Icon > Settings

If the problem still persists even after performing the steps above, please proceed to reinstall while connected to a stable network.

■ Re-install the Grand Chace

1. Device Setting > Apps > Grand Chase > Delete Cache/Data > Uninstall

2. Open the App Store and install from the game page.

※ Steps may vary per device.

※ Please feel free to send us a ticket if the problem still persists. Rest assured, we will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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