GrandChase North America FAQ - English BILLING
(AOS) I have not received my purchased item (Gems)

First, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. If you did not receive the purchased item (including Gems), please send us a ticket with the information below. We will work as quickly as possible to help you and resolve the issue as soon as we can.

■ Inquiry Form

1. Store: Google Play Store

2. Billing account information: (Google Play Store - Google Account)

3. Game Membership No. (15 digits):

4. Nickname:

5. Date of purchase:

6. Amount paid:

7. Request: Item Not Received

■ How to send a ticket

Main Screen > Game Settings (Gear) at the top right> Account Information> Customer Center > 1: 1 Inquiry

■ How to check the Game membership No.

* How to check it in game:

Game Login → Game Setting (gear) → Account Information → See the Game Membership No. (15 digits) at the bottom

* You can check your Membership No. at Menu > Account at the Google Play Store also.

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