Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ Game Related
I want to play with a friend in the game. How can I invite my friend to party?
Approach the player you want to play with and use the ‘Party Invite’ hotkey that will pop up on the screen.
FAQ About KurtzPel
What platform is KurtzPel available on? How can I download the game?
As of the moment, the game is available for PC through Steam. To access the game, go to “Steam” and search for the game through the “Store” tab. The game will be available to players once released as Early Access on the 30th of April for North/South America, early June for Europe/MENA and early July for Asia/OCE.
FAQ Account
How can I add another player in KurtzPel?
You can add your friends using Steam’s Friend System.
FAQ Early Access
What is the reason behind EU and Asia regions having a different launch date?
We currently do not have the localization and infrastructure setup to support the EU and Asia region. To properly service each region, we have decided to open up for NA and SA at this time. We will do our best to open up the rest of the regions as fast as we can.
Language Support for KurtzPel Players
As it is a universal language, English is preferred when communicating with our Game Support team. This, however, will not deter us from providing assistance to Chasers uncomfortable with the language.We'll do our best - with the help of available tools - to communicate effectively.