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What is a Founder’s Pack?
Can I upgrade my Founder Pack later?
Will you continue to make Founder Packs available?
What items are given to players that participated in the CBT and how do you claim it?
Can I change my character’s name?
What is the difference between a Breaker and a Slayer?
How do you acquire the additional Karmas (Blazing Fist & Diabolic Witch)?
What are the changes depending on the LUA type?
What is different when you rebirth?
Is Ranking/Leaderboard going to be per server?
How do you acquire the EXP for the Leaderboard?
Mistakes from Item Upgrade, Selling, and Dye.
How do you report players with inappropriate names or uses profanity?
I want to start a tournament with my friends, how can I do that?
I want to play with a friend in the game. How can I invite my friend to party?
I want to raise my affinity with a certain Hero NPC. How do you use the tracking system?
Can each of my characters receive Affinity rewards?
Do you have a fan kit? Where can I download it?
Where do I acquire the purchased DLC?
Where can I find the items I purchased from the Item Store?