Frequently Asked Questions
I have not receive my purchased item(Gems) (AOS)
Firstly, Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.If you did not receive the purchased item(including Gems), please send us a ticket with the information below.We will be your helping hand and resolve the issue as soon as humanly possible.■ Inquiry Form 1) Store: Google Play Store 2) Billing Account Information: (Google Play Store - Google Account) 3) Game Membership No. (15 digits): 4) Nickname: 5) Date of purchase: 6) Amount paid: 7) Request: (Provide Items / Cancel the In-App Purchase)■ How to send a ticket  Main Screen > Game Settings (Gear) at the top right> Account Information> Customer Center > 1: 1 Inquiry■ How to check the Game membership No. * How to check it in game:   Game Login → Game Setting (gear) → Account Information → See the Game Membership No. (15 digits) at the bottom * You can check your Membership No. at Menu > Account at the Google Play Store also.
I cannot access / run games.
This issue can be caused by the lack of avaialble Memory(RAM), Crashes of applications installed in the device, or missing files during the update.Please read below and follow the steps to resolve the issue.■ If your game is not running properly,  1. Clear cache and cookies. Delete all the Unnecessary Applications as well. 2. Ensure your Game App version and device OS software is updated to date.  - Please try to check the app version in the App Store. 3. Check your WIFI and/or Mobile network connection and make sure it is stable. 4. (if the issue is related to lag/freezing) Please adjust the graphics quality (try turning off/lower down all options) at  ▶ Main screen> Touch the Top right [Gear] Icon > SettingsIf the problems still persist even after performing the steps above, Please proceed to the reinstall under the stable network as below.■ Re-install the Grand Chace1. Device Setting > Apps > Grand Chase > Delete Cache/Data > Uninstall2. Open the App Store and install from the ※ Steps may vary per device.※ Please feel free to send us a ticket if the problem still persist. Rest assured, we will resolve your problem as soon as possible.
What are the minimum device specifications for play?
Minimum specifications requirement for Grand Chase are as below. - OS: Galaxy Note 2 / Devices supporting Android 4.1 or above※ Please understand that devices with Android 4.1 or lower might not be able to run the GrandChase-Dimensional Chaser - Memory: 2GB or higher※ If the memory of the mobile device is less than 2GB, game play may not be smooth.※ Please understand that devices with lesser than 2GM memory might not be able to run the GrandChase-Dimensional Chaser smoothly.
Where can I set up skill scheduling?
Please refer to the following for setting the skill reservation in game play.▶ Main screen> Top right setting [Gear] Touch> Controls and Reserve Skill ON / OFF check
What is the Inventory?
In the [Inventory] on the bottom left of the game,You can check all heroes, monster cards, and equipment you own.Growth and Enhance of the hereos are also avaialble here.■ Inventory 1. Hero: Manage heroes such as checking Hero information, growth, sale and Fusion. 2. Monster card: Check the information about the Monster cards you own. 3. Equipment: Enhance, Sell, Check the information about equipments you own. 4. Accessories: Sell, Check the information about the accessories you own. 5. Materials: Check the information of various materials you own. You can also craft set items here. 6. Dimensional Boss card: Check the information about the Dimensional Bosses you own.7. Treasure Chest: Using the adventurer's Mark, you can acquire Gems, Heroes, Monster Carda, and Gold.