GrandChase - Dimensional Chaser FAQ - English GAME PLAY
What is the Guild?

Check the guild by touching [Guild] icon at the bottom of the screen.

Enjoy various kinds of cooperative play here together with your guild members such as Guild War and Guild Annihilation.

You can either join an existing guild, or creat one of your own.

■ Guild System Details

1. Up to 30 players can join in one guild.

2. Guild will consist of Guild Master / Co-Master / Elder / Guild member.

3. You can check the Guild member / Guild information / history of the Guild members on the Guild page.

4. A guild member can request Exchange Evostone at the Chat. 

  Guild Members who respond to other member's Exchange Evostone request to receive Guild points and Prana.

5. Guild Points can be obtained through [Dimensional Boss, Guild War, Guild Mission]

  You can use it to buy Blessing of Valor or Hero Summon Ticket at the Shop.

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