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What are the available shops and what are they for?

To open it, touch the [Shop] icon at the bottom of the screen.

You can purchase various usefull items with in-game currencies.

 ■ List of items available at the Shop

 1. Summon Heroes - Premium Hero Summon Ticket / Gems

  - Summon a premium hero: x1 or x10 times (using a premium hero summon ticket) / x10 times (using Gems)   

  - Summon a Rare Hero: x1 or x10 times (using Gems)

  * Summon a Rare Hero for free every 20 hours

 - Summon monster card: x5 times or x30 times (using Gems)


2. Buying a package - In-app purchases are avaialble for Items / In game currencies Packages

3. Purchasing In game Currencies and Items - In-App Purchase / Gem / Honor / Guild Points / Prana

 - Gem: In App Purchases

   * Available for Purchase: Gems

 - Gold: Use Gems

   * available for Purchase: Gold

 - Item Shop: Use Gems

   * Premium Summon tickets / Adventurer's Mark are 

 - Honor Shop: use honor

   * Available for Purchase: Accessory Summon ticket / monster card box / Equipment Removal Kit

 - Guild Honor Shop: Use Guild Points

   * Available for Purchase: Blessing of Valor / SS Hero Summon Ticket / Gray Dimension Residue

 - Prana Shop: Using Prana

   * Available for Purchase: Premium Hero summon ticket / Hero Selection Ticket / Evostone

 ■ List of goods and products available at the store

 1. Summon Heroes - Summon a Premium Hero Ticket / Use Gems

- Summon a premium hero: 1 or 10 times (using a premium hero summoning ticket) / 10 times (using a gem)

- Summon Rare Hero: 1 or 10 times (using Gem)

   * 2 One free summon of rare heroes every 0 hours

  - Summon monster card: 5 times or 30 times (using gem)


2. Buying a package - Items and goods packages can be purchased through payment

3. Purchasing Goods and Items - Payment / Gem / Honor Points / Guild Points / Prana

- Gem Recharge: Payment

* Gem available

- Gold Charging: Using Gems

   * Available Gold

- Item Store: Use Gems

   * Premium premium summon tickets / adventurer's token purchase available

  - Honor store: use honor

   * Accessory recall ticket / monster card box / equipment release kit available

- Guild Contribution Store: Use Guild Contribution

   * Blessing of Valor / Summoner of SS Hero / Possibility to purchase 2D residues

  - Prana Store: Using Prana

   * Premium Hero summoning ticket / Hero option / Jin purchase possible

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